Restaurant Security Cameras

The New York Leader in Restaurant Security Camera Service and Installation

Radcom Solutions headquartered on beautiful Long Island and is the New York leader in restaurant security camera system service and installation. With a variety of brands to choose from and Radcom’s expertise necessary to optimize your security cameras, your restaurant can focus on the important functions of business and get the peace of mind knowing at any time you have the ability to monitor internal and external shrink.

In business for more than 15 years, Radcom Solutions is the top nationwide authorized dealers for many different brands and styles of restaurant security cameras. Radcom has certified, experienced & professional technicians to quickly service all your security camera needs.

Restaurant Security Cameras For All Types of Buildings

Restaurants come in all different shapes and sizes. Radcom Solutions provides restaurant security cameras ensuring the security of your restaurant. The last thing your free-standing restaurant needs is cameras that work best in a strip-mall type setting or vice versa. Furthermore, Radcom works with individual restauranteurs – regardless of whether the restaurant is a mom-and-pop or a franchise such as McDonald’s or the local pizzeria– to devise security camera systems fitting your business like a glove.

Regardless of whether your restaurant has a large amount of square footage, visual obstructions, or a quirky design, Radcom Solutions has the equipment and the expertise to overcome these obstacles and provide the peace of mind for restaurant owners.

Different Types of Restaurant Security Cameras

Whether you are looking for domes, speed domes, discreet cameras, wireless cameras, or even HD cameras, Radcom Solutions has access to every type of restaurant security camera you would need. Here are some popular types of cameras:

  • Dome Cameras – These cameras are noticeable and their presence deters criminal behavior while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience. Speed domes can swivel at a moment’s notice. These cameras are exceptional at viewing lots of activity
  • Discreet Cameras – Designed to look like a motion sensor, smoke detector or any other appliance, these cameras are especially useful if there are problems with employee theft. Because regular cameras are noticeable, discreet cameras do a great job of catching behavior occurring when no one is watching.
  • Day/Night Cameras – Perfect for exterior use, these cameras automatically modulate the iris to capture the right amount of light to transmit high quality images useful for solving break-ins, vandalism or other types of exterior criminal activity.
  • Wireless Cameras – Instead of having to deal with cables running throughout your ceiling or your wall, wireless cameras easily transmit images to the DVR where your security footage is stored. These cameras come in all shapes, sizes and styles.
  • PTZ Cameras – Also known as Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, deploying these cameras in your restaurant allows you ultimate control in where and what the camera should be recording. These are especially useful if you are trying to monitor suspicious activity.

Take the first step in securing your restaurant from external and internal risks by installing the best security camera systems on the market today.

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Radcom Solutions headquartered on beautiful Long Island, NY is the industry leader in Wireless Restaurant Drive-Thru Headset Systems, Installation and Service for your restaurants communications. In business for more than 15 years, Radcom Solutions is the top nationwide authorized dealers for HME- 3M & Panasonic, the leading manufacturers of wireless drive-thru headset systems, equipment and peripherals. Radcom has certified, experienced & professional technicians to quickly service all your drive-thru equipment needs.