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Radcom is the Trusted Name Providing SiriusXM Restaurant Music Systems in New York

Radcom Solutions is the industry leader in offering SiriusXM restaurant music systems service and installation in New York. With restaurant music solutions providing ambiance within your restaurant, Radcom’s technicians have the experience and expertise that provides your restaurant with the right musical experience inviting your customers to stay a little longer and in-turn spend a few more dollars.

In business for more than 15 years, Radcom Solutions is the top nationwide authorized dealer in SiriusXM restaurant music systems. Our experience provides restaurant owners such as yourself the confidence in having a complex job done quickly and correctly.

Why Restaurants Choose Radcom for their Sirius XM Restaurant Music Systems

SiriusXM Restaurant Music Systems installed by New York’s Radcom allow your patrons the immediate feeling of relaxation upon entering your restaurant. Music is proven to have many immediate positive impacts in restaurants – it stimulates conversations, encourages customers to stay longer (meaning customers spend more), and relaxes your patrons and employees. Whether you are running a quick service restaurant, a sports bar or an upscale dining establishment, having the right music service playing ambient music at a comfortable, but not conversationally intrusive volume.

How SiriusXM Benefits your Restaurant Music System

Imagine having a coffee shop and listening to the Coffee House station. Own a sports bar? Than having a sports radio station would certainly enhance the atmosphere. If you own a club, surely you would be playing dance music. For restaurants, the musical selection is just as critical. Quick service restaurants benefit from having SiriusXM’s multiple “Top Hits” channels creating a fun environment that also connects with the younger markets more inclined to hang out at these types of restaurants. For fine dining, a restaurant music service featuring SiriusXM’s classical music channels is especially beneficial because the elegant atmosphere is immeasurably enhanced by music. Radcom’s expertise installing and servicing these music systems is only enhanced by adding a SiriusXM package. Our experts help you understand the vast selection offered by the satellite radio giant and how to use this particular service to add the finishing touch to that perfect restaurant experience – regardless of the targeted market demographic!

The Best Restaurant Music Systems Sound Great

Radcom knows that having SiriusXM and a restaurant music system is incomplete without having the right equipment that produces a crisp, clean sound. As a leader in the restaurant music services industry, Radcom only uses the best speakers to deliver crisp, clear sound. Furthermore, their experts are skilled in the proper placement of the speakers. Sound will not be too concentrated in one area and insufficient in another. Also, Radcom understands the need to have greater musical presence in the waiting area as music tends to relax patrons waiting to be seated. These little details are what separates Radcom and why they are the choice to elevate your restaurant using the symphony of great music to complement your already outstanding service.

Take the first step to elevate the customer’s experience in your restaurant by learning about Radcom’s restaurant music systems and installations.

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Radcom Solutions headquartered on beautiful Long Island, NY is the industry leader in Wireless Restaurant Drive-Thru Headset Systems, Installation and Service for your restaurants communications. In business for more than 15 years, Radcom Solutions is the top nationwide authorized dealers for HME- 3M & Panasonic, the leading manufacturers of wireless drive-thru headset systems, equipment and peripherals. Radcom has certified, experienced & professional technicians to quickly service all your drive-thru equipment needs.