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HME is proud to present EOS | HD, a drive-thru headset system with the industry’s newest advancement in sound quality — all-new HD Audio. HD Audio uses wideband technology and advanced noise reduction to create the clearest, most intelligible drive-thru headset on the market. By increasing intelligibility, EOS | HD provides a more understandable drive-thru conversation for improved order accuracy and speed of service.

Groundbreaking Wide-band Technology: Innovative wide-band technology expands the audio range of EOS | HD to include higher and lower voice frequencies than standard digital drive-thru headsets. The result is a remarkable 20% increase in intelligibility. With clearer, more intelligible speech comes faster speed of service, improved order accuracy, and greater profitability for your drive-thru.

Dramatic Inbound Noise Reduction: EOS | HD’s innovate technology dramatically reduces noise from the drive-thru to help deliver greater order accuracy than ever before.

Revolutionary New Outbound Noise Reduction: Constructed with a grease and impact resistant plastic alloy resin to prevent brittling and cracking.









  • 2X The Audio Bandwidth – The greatest advancement in sound since digital drive-thru headsets, the expanded audio range of EOS | HD means you hear more of the conversation so you can get the order right the first time.
  • 20% Increase in Intelligibility – With wide-band technology and advanced noise reduction, EOS | HD makes drive-thru orders 20% easier to understand. Understanding the customer better means faster speed of service and profitability for your drive-thru.
  • 44% Improvement in Inbound Noise Reduction – Removes engine and traffic sounds from the drive-thru to reduce employee fatigue.
  • 88% Improvement in Outbound Noise Reduction – EOS | HD’s innovative outbound noise reduction removes kitchen noise, like blenders, so that customers can hear crew members better. Orders are more accurate and customers leave happier than ever before.


The EOS | HD drive-thru headset system was engineered for durability and comfort. The lightweight, balanced design delivers all day comfort to users while providing ultimate reliability in the QSR environment. Its unique design eliminates many repair concerns of drive-thru headsets, making it the most reliable drive-thru headset on the market.

An acoustically tuned speaker  dramatically reduces distortion to deliver the clearest, most intelligible drive-thru communication.


The EOS | HD Message Center helps managers to run their restaurants with greater efficiency and profitability.

Greetings – Sequence multiple messages through all day parts to promote specials and improve check averages. Record up to 12 customer greetings to play throughout the day, whenever and wherever you want.


Reminders – Schedule automatic reminders to keep employees on task; create your own or choose from pre-recorded options. Play Reminders on as many headsets as you want. Remind employees to wash their hands, check the bathrooms, and more, without interfering with drive-thru order taking.


Alerts – Automatically informs staff members of critical developments affecting food safety and employee security (i.e. “Back door open.”). Alerts only trigger when certain events occur. Set alerts to send a message to one or more headsets.




Telephone Interface — Allows managers to easily answer the phone while managing the drive-thru and other restaurant business.


Temperature Alert Sensor — Sends an instant alert to employees’ drive-thru headsets if the temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer exceeds your preset high or low limit.










  • Large display screen with easy-to-use, digital soft-touch controls.
  • On-screen instructions walk you through menus and settings.
  • Multilevel password security prevents tampering.
  • Industry’s largest display and on-screen instructions make it easier than ever to manage your drive-thru.










  • Remotely connect to your EOS | HD to update settings or troubleshoot when not at the store. Connect to one or multiple locations with no additional software required.
  • Change settings, greetings, reminders and alerts from anywhere — from any remote PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Manage your drive-thru from afar.



With the EOS | HD drive-thru communication system, you can use as many or as few headsets as you need. Add up to 15 AIO headsets and get the superior HD Audio clarity and intelligibility of EOS | HD today.











  • Remotely manage your entire drive-thru headset system from anywhere you have Internet access with the all-new HME CLOUD® Interface Bridge (CIB). CIB connects you directly to the cloud to easily access multiple store data, manage store messaging, and resolve technical problems – all from one location.
  • CIB seamlessly integrates with both the ION | IQ® and EOS | HD® drive-thru headset systems. Enjoy all the advantages of cloud technology without the time and expense of upgrading your headset systems!


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