3M Drive-Thru Headsets

Radcom Solutions is an official 3M installation service provider on Long Island, New York. Radcom Solutions carries 3M Drive-Thru Headsets & Headset Systems.


3M™ G5 Wireless Drive Thru Headset

The 3M™ Drive Thru Headset, G5 is our fifth generation, wireless headset. The first headset on the market featuring in store repair-ability and Smart technology. Combined with it’s lightweight and comfortable design, industry known sound clarity, and the 3M(TM) Base station Package makes the 3M(TM) Drive thru system, Clearly the Sound Decision.

3M™ G5 Wireless Drive Thru Headset Features

  • Sound clarity with mic array technology
  • Capacitive touch buttons
  • Indicator lights on mic boom
  • Globally accepted icons
  • Identification Tags
  • Haptics Technology
  • Accelerometer Sleep/Hybernate
  • In-store service-ability
  • Integrated headset storage and battery charging
  • Smart Battery Technology




 3M™ Base station Package, Model XT-1










3M™ Loop Detector, Internal, Magnetic

Use with Model XT-1. Loop Detector enables headset notification of car arrival, measurement of multiple points in the drive-thru to assist management with drive-thru performance. Up three internal loop detectors can by installed inside the base station








3M™ Greeter, Advanced, G3


Use with 3M™ Wireless Communication System Model XT-1. This accessory provides advanced messaging/greeter options. Base station software compatibility is required.

Record and play custom greetings messages for customers.






 3M™ 6-Slot Battery Charger

Use with 3M™ Wireless Communication System Models C1060 and XT-1. Rapid charging. Includes battery conditioning position. Provides slots for charging six batteries at the same time. Power supply must be ordered separately.








3M(TM) Duplex Speaker, Microphone & Cable Package, Model XT-1

Use with Model XT-1. Duplex speaker, microphone and cable package for Model XT-1 system.









3M™ Magnetic Loop, Pre-Fab

Use with Models D15, C960, C1025, C1060, XT-1. For installation before a road surface is installed. Recommended detection method for most applications. Use to detect vehicles in service or drive-thru areas. Provides a signal of detection as long as the vehicle remains above it.








3M™ Loop Detector, External

Use with Models C860, C960, C1025, C1060, XT-1, D15, D20, D30. Loop detector that is mounted in separate enclosure. Used for any intercom system with magnetic loop vehicle detection. Requires magnetic loop.







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